The Mother of God of Klokočov will be declared as spiritual patron of Zemplin region (Eastern Slovakia)

Košice, March 23 (TSKE)The Council of Hierarchs of the Greek-Catholic Church in Slovakia petitioned the Apostolic See to declare the Virgin Mary of Klokočov to be the spiritual patron of the Zemplín region. This request was supported by letters from the mayors of the cities of Eastern Slovakia as well as by the letters from Msgr. Bernard Bober (Latin-rite Archbishop – Metropolitan of Košice) and His Excellency Juraj Stransky (Orthodox Archbishop of Košice).
By its decree from November 21, 2020, the Congregation for the Oriental Churches in Vatican granted the Virgin Mary of Klokočov the title "Patroness of Zemplin". The decree will be promulgated on March 25, 2021 at 5 p.m. in the sanctuary of Klokočov during the solemn liturgy, broadcasted live by TV Zemplin and TV Logos.